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Introducing The Wellness Project | a 12 step / 6 week plan to a more radiant you!

Say hello to a fabulous, motivated, NEW you! The Wellness Project has been a brain child since I began, before I even opened the spa I knew I wanted to create something that would ultimately make everyone feel great!

With the stresses, hectic time schedules and deadlines of the big opening day and then the day to day running of the spa taking over, the concept got put on the back burner; but it was never completely out of my mind.

The Wellness Project encapsulates everything I wanted to capture when it came to offering a holistic approach to wellness. Incorporating not just facials, beauty rituals and advice but also fitness, diet, nutrition, mindset training and so much more.

I understood that fitness, yoga and nutrition were not my areas of expertise and was on the hunt for the perfect partner. Then everything fell into place when Oakley Woodhouse opened her fitness retreat (Forest Flow Fitness) right here within Wyresdale Park; and that was that - the rest as they say is history.

We then set to work on developing and designing the perfect combination of steps and elements (some to be tailored to the individual) that was to make up the programme; The Wellness Project was born...

Even if you aren't a bride or groom please do get in touch and you will be the first to hear when the project goes LIVE for everyone!

With Wyresdale Park being the beautiful wedding venue we have all come to know, and the stresses and heart break the COVID-19 pandemic has caused the brides; with rearranging dates and changing seasons; we decided to initially offer the programme exclusively to brides (and grooms) of Wyresdale Park. Followed by opening it up to everyone else at a later date.

Because of the nature of the project; and the personalised steps within it, as well as the level of 1 to 1 time we like to dedicate to all those involved; there will be a staggered intake of participants. Every 6 weeks a new project would begin, but those from all previous projects would still always have contact and input from both myself and Oakley until they were happy to go it alone. Allowing us to offer an approach truly unique and bespoke.

The programme is designed to be done remotely, making the perfect lockdown countdown, as well as a tool to stay focused and driven during this very unsettling time.

Check out all the steps and details below and don't forget to register your interest - initial spaces on the programme will be limited (fear not more spaces will open up if you miss out on the first intake) You can also view all the promo videos (we've included one at the bottom) on the link above. Even if you just have a few initial questions, do get in touch and we will come back to you. This is a really exciting time and we can't wait to get started.

Even if you aren't a bride or groom please do get in touch and you will be the first to hear when the project goes LIVE for everyone!

The project is a 6 week programme, aimed at getting you to be the very best version of yourself all ready for your big day.

You may want to be involved in this course because:

  • you want lose weight,

  • change the way you eat,

  • improve your all round motivation or

  • you might simply just want a focus point, not just in the run up to your big day but starting from now.

At the moment we are experiencing a very abnormal & very stressful part of lives. Add this to an unexpected change of wedding date & you may now have found yourself having to plan for a season completely different to the one you had your heart set on. But we are here to take away some of that stress, give you some structure, motivation, drive and generally picking you up and getting you feeling great!

So here’s how it works... I work super closely alongside my friend and resident Wyresdale fitness centre founder Oakley and with 12 steps we not only look to enhance you and your life for the duration of the 6 week programme but ultimately aim to change the way you live your life forever. I’m going to talk you through each step… 


When you first sign up you are sent a questionnaire and we ask you to fill this out with your utmost honesty, of course the more we know about you the more personalised we can make the programme and you are going to see the biggest results. So part one is a fitness routine, totally personalised and achievable, and this will be changed and adapted week to week as you progress through. 


Mediation and yoga practices - Oakley will have several yoga routines for you, as well as guided meditations as part of your programme. As well as getting your body moving and improving its overall fitness with the step one work outs, its also important to find your inner calm, relax, stretch and take the rush away, pause and reflect…


I am the owner and founder of LOFT beauty. I trained in skincare and facials over 10 years ago, in that time I have had the pleasure to work with many skincare brands and have developed a wealth of knowledge to care for each and every person and their skincare needs. In your questionnaire there will be questions about your current skincare habits, skin type, routines and products you use. If you have a particular worry and can’t describe it, you are also welcome to send through photos. From this I will then tailor the best routine for you and advise on all the products you need to get you the glowing, flawless complexion we all desire for not just our wedding day but EVERY day! 

STEP 4 - FACIAL IN THE SPA (worth £70)

We have also included a physical facial which you will have in the spa. You can either have it just before your big day, or whenever you like! There is no time limit so even though we aren’t open just at the moment due to the pandemic, as soon as we are open you are welcome to book in. You may find a course of facials works the best for you and we will offer you an exclusive discount for any extra facials booked as part of the programme. When you come into the spa for your facial we will also do a thorough consultation where we sit down prior to the facial and discuss where we want our skin to be and how we get there. 


As well as what we put onto our skin externally it is also really important to feed our bodies the right foods. With step 5 we provide you with the knowledge so you can choose all the right foods you need to be eating for glowing, dewy, healthy skin.


Alongside food and diet, there may also be some vitamins and supplements we advise you to take which will sit next to the skincare rituals, fitness and diet. Both Oakley and myself will input here & personalise what we would advise you to take to enhance all the other steps.


Mindset training – this is a really important step, especially at the moment when mentally we are under more stress than usual. We are having to adapt and change our lives constantly. We haven’t got the routines we are used to. So Oakley will be going through routines to help you stay focused and positive through challenging times. This is a part of the course that maybe over looked but it is  fundamental to performing properly in all areas of your life. 

Which leads me onto journaling –


There will be a whole section of the programme dedicated to the mind and journaling is an amazing way to destress, compartmentalise our thoughts and train the brain to deal with varying stress levels appropriately. 


Recipe plans – an example of what you need to be eating and when.


Nutitrion advice to support training – a HUGE part of the programme. I know I have mentioned diet in relation to the skin but this step is all about diet to aid your fitness routines. Oakley will be talking through how she likes to deliver this advice, to ensure we don’t give you a diet change that just lasts for the 6 weeks but a diet change that really sticks with you.


Community – not only is this about you and us but we also wanted to give you the option to come together to share moments of your programme amongst very like minded people. So on facebook we will have a private page run by us to support all those involved. It may even give you all a chance to share some of your tricks to getting wedding ready at wyresdale. 


Finally; a really crucial part, our commitment and devotion to you – as an individual with very different needs to perhaps the next person, know we are here for you – you don’t sign up, get given a tonne of information and we vanish, we stick with you from day one and throughout the entire 6 weeks and we continue to support you until you are ready to go it alone. You will get our personal emails and contact information and we will be on tap for your help and guidance along your journey. Don’t forget we are here at Wyresdale all the time, you can come and say hello, we want you to feel like this is your home and that the door is always open. 


We are real people that care, friends that want to be part of your development and journey. We want to tell you all that we know from our areas of expertise. We are motivated by the enjoyment we get from seeing you enhance yourself and grow into the best version of you. So it's vital to us that you get the best from each step and make your big day magical.


The programme is designed to start whenever you are ready, it doesn't have to be directly 6 weeks before your big day - infact the sooner you start it the better. It is all done remotely from the comfort of your own home, so this is also perfect if you aren’t one to frequent gyms. Once you have signed and paid for your 6 week programme, we then send you a questionnaire. Fill this out at your leisure but the quicker you get it back to us the sooner you can get started. Once we've received your answers, it then takes us no more than a couple of days to tailor your programme and you are off. 

You will be given a unique password for a dedicated private area of our website. In this area of the website you will find all you need to know about your 12 steps. As we have highlighted before, if you have any questions about any of the steps at any point, you can contact one of us and we will happily talk you through it.

In this area of the website, you will find all the contact details for Oakley and myself as well as links to the facebook page. The facebook community page is private and only those taking part in the course will be on there. You may all be at varying stages, so you can offer or receive support from brides on a similar journey. There will also be more about us, how we live by this programme day to day and what works for us. 

At the end of the 6 weeks, you will be asked to fill out one final questionnaire, allowing you a chance to reflect and think about the steps you will take forward with you in the future. It's also a really nice time for us to be able to show you just how far you have come, so some may want to send a before picture. It’s really interesting to see the amazing difference you will find when you come to taking an after picture at the end of the 6 weeks. This is completely up to you and not compulsory. 


I know it's such a lot of information to take in, and you will probably have many questions before you sign up. You are welcome to send those over and we will answer any queries or worries you may have. 

Even if you aren't a bride or groom please do get in touch and you will be the first to hear when the project goes LIVE for everyone!


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