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The Wylderness Club - your ultimate guide to our wellness retreats...

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

So here it is your ultimate guide to our famous wellness retreats. Which, this year got a whole new brand identity and became THE WYLDERNESS CLUB >>

It has taken me a while to bring this blog post together because it's so hard to put such a physical and mental experience into words and give it the full justice it deserves. I don't even think my vocabulary possesses the words necessary to allow you to understand what our retreats entail and how they will leave you feeling. But I am, sure enough, going to try >>

IF you have ever been intrigued or mentally captivated by what goes on at our much loved retreats READ ON >> and be prepared to join The Wylderness Club (and yes you do get a t-shirt).

What gives me the right or even the knowledge to begin to write this blog post I hear you ask? I am Jen! The founder of Loft. I am also a therapist and interior designer (the latter not by profession anymore) I studied interior design until I got my degree in the subject, but now, I much prefer to indirectly use my skill set in the spa setting. Ideally, I would be hands on in treatment every day, all day. Sadly, with invoices to pay, targets to reach and staff to encourage I have to split my time and wear several different hats throughout the day.

Therefore, I understand. I understand that many (if not all) of us spin the same amount of plates, juggle the same amount of jobs and generally get lost in the spiral of life. A rollercoaster of emotions, battles and for what? Like scales we have tipping points. Some people can dance merrily along for quite some time unperturbed by the many trials and tribulations that may come their way. Other individuals scale's might tip more easily this way and that, in a desperate struggle to find their balancing point.

...and so with my knowledge in anatomy and physiology, my understanding in ergonomics and design along with being a human that goes through the same struggles as most, I bring to you the ultimate retreat - a day away from the real world, an escape, a digital and physical detox in our magical realm that is Wyresdale Park (where it has long been suggested that you should never grow up) - you will leave feeling rejuvenated, relaxed, calm, balanced and grounded. You will be able to breath deeper, sleep better and maybe even make some new friendly connections on the way.

BUT - I could by no means do this alone and these retreats wouldn't so much as exist without our very special collaborators, together we became founders of the retreats...

It is here where I should use a disclaimer >>

We cannot claim to cure you, fix you or make everything better. But we can help...

By educating you and allowing you a moment to escape, we can bring some balance back into your lives, which in itself might just be the cure!

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What to expect during a retreat day...

Here is what you can expect from our Wylderness Club retreats :

  • Meditation and Breath work

  • Yoga and Movement

  • Treatments and Rituals

  • Paddle boarding and Wild Swimming

  • Nutritional and Naturopathic Healing

  • Journaling

  • A lovely whole food lunch

and here are the expects that make it all possible...

Temple Yoga - Meditation, Yoga & Breathwork

Hello Healing - Naturopathic and Nutritional Healing

Second Life Outdoors - Paddle Boarding and Wild Swimming

PLUS treatments and rituals by Jenna and the Loft team.

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Temple Yoga - Meditation, Yoga & Breathwork

Natalie (founder of Temple Yoga) has been practicing yoga for over 8 years and teaching for 6 years.

"I was first drawn to yoga for the physical benefits but soon started to feel the deeper and more subtler effects of the yoga practice and my yoga practice has helped me through some of the darkest and most difficult times of my life. To me yoga it is a practice that encourages us to “feel” , to reconnect and to remember. It allows space and quietude - even in movement- a pause in between, where we can find expansion, truth, connection and acceptance. Its not all love & light but helps us to recognise and welcome all parts of self. I feel honoured to be able to share my love of yoga and in teaching, hope to create a nurturing, supportive and nourishing environment where you can be guided through practices and movements that help you listen to the wisdom and knowledge contained within your body."

Hello Healing - Naturopathic and Nutritional Healing

Rebecca is a fully qualified and accredited Nutritional Therapist. She studied Naturopathic Nutrition for 3 years at the College of Naturopathic Medicine and is accredited with BANT (British Association of Nutrition Therapy) and CNHC. Rebecca launched The Recovery Diaries Podcast in summer 2022 - (Season 2 coming 2023).

She was a practitioner at the well known London Clinic of Nutrition as part of the complex patient team and is now on the education team, delivering training to practitioners on complex topics such as mold, lyme disease and CFS.

She has been a lecturer for the College of Naturopathic Medicine in Manchester and worked alongside many brands/podcasts and publications.

topics for retreats ...

APRIL - Female seasons & hormone healing

MAY - Gut Healing for optimum wellness

JUNE - Liver and detox support including the healing power of nature

JULY - Routine & why it is a blessing

SEPTEMBER - Nutrition & nourishing the body

OCTOBER - Hibernation, Rhythms & leaning into the seasons

Second Life Outdoors - Paddle Boarding and Wild Swimming

Here at Second Life outdoors we’re all about providing incredible outdoor adventures and explorations into the UK’s wilderness. Pushing people’s limits, boundaries and expectations of themselves. We do this through a number of activities from our weekly group walks, to our UK based trips such as the National Three Peaks.

We consider ourselves an intermediate to traditional group walks by offering an experience which encompasses both a group aspect and guided aspect. The advantage of this means you’re joining a walk with the familiarity of a group, with the clockwork timings and professionalism of guided walking. Put all this together and what do you have? Second Life Outdoors. The fastest growing guided walking group in the North west, with no sign of slowing down.

the rules of the wellness retreat


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