NEW | tales of Wyresdale | WATER | Soy Candle

NEW | tales of Wyresdale | WATER | Soy Candle


NEW | tales of Wyresdale | an olfactive journey through the magical wild world 


A collection very close to my heart. capturing the wonderful, charming and beautiful home of our Wyresdale Park Spa. Even if you haven't yet visited us at the secret spa hidden within the grounds of this historic estate the scents will resonate with all. Reminding you of calm, happy, joyous times adventuring in the wilderness.  


a perfect gift as 'Thank yous' if you have the pleasure of marrying here, or to give as a gift to a couple for their special day or of course with all of our candles a wonderful treat for yourself to enjoy at home


There are 4 scents in the collection; WOODS, WATER, THE WALLED GARDEN + FIRESIDE and they come in the vegan wax melts, for your oil burners or our best selling soy candles.


WATER | glistening, sparkling and dancing under the sun; yet everlastingly calm, tranquil and peaceful to those whom adverture upon it 




    • Sustainable European grown soy wax, blended with a premium phthalate free fragrance.
    • Hand-poured into our amber glass jars, for the perfect ‘hygge’ glow.
    • Approximate 20 hour burn time.
    • Cotton and paper wick, for a clean burn with no sooting.
    • Packed & posted in planet-friendly materials - no plastic, no nonsense.


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