The W E L L N E S S Project | A 12 STEP 6 WEEK PROGRAMME

The W E L L N E S S Project | A 12 STEP 6 WEEK PROGRAMME


The project is a 6 week programme, aimed at getting you to be the very best version of yourself all ready for your big day.

You may want to be involved in this course because:

  • you want lose weight
  • change the way you eat
  • improve your all round motivation or
  • you might simply just want a focus point, not just in the run up to your big day but starting from now.

So here’s how it works...with 12 steps we not only look to enhance you and your life for the duration of the 6 week programme but ultimately change the way you live your life forever. 


When you first sign up you are sent a questionnaire and we ask you to fill this out with your utmost honesty. Part 1 is a fitness routine, totally personalised and achievable, and this will be changed and adapted week to week as you progress through.

STEP 2 - MEDITATION + YOGA - several yoga routines, and guided meditations that will sit amongst your programme at intervals. It's also important to find your inner calm, relax, stretch, pause and reflect…


I am the owner and founder of LOFT beauty and having trained in skincare and facials over 10 years ago in that time I have had the pleasure to work with many skincare brands and have developed a wealth of knowledge to care for each and every person and there skincare needs…I will tailor the best routine for you and advice on all the products you need to get you the glowing flawless complexion we all desire for not just our wedding day but every day!

STEP 4 - PHYSICAL FACIAL- which you will have in the spa. You may find a course of facials works the best for you and we will offer you an exclusive discount for any extra facials booked as part of the programme. We will also do a thorough consultation prior to the facial and discuss where we want our skin to be and how we get there.

STEP 5 - NUTRITION FOR YOUR SKIN - we provide you with all the information on the foods you need to be eating for glowing dewy skin.


Alongside food and diet, there may also be some vitamins and supplements we advise you take to sit next to the skincare rituals, fitness and diet. 

STEP 7 - MINDSET TRAINING – this is a really important step, especially at the moment when mentally we are under more stress than usual, we are having to adapt and change our lives constantly. We haven’t got the routines we may usually have. So Oakley will be going through how to mentally function properly. This is a part of the course that maybe over looked but it is integral to performing properly in all areas of your life.

STEP 8 - JOURNALING – there will be a whole section of the programme dedicated to the mind and journaling is an amazing way to destress, compartmentalise our thoughts and train the brain to deal with varying stress levels appropriately.


– what you need to be eating and when


Nutitrion advice to support training – a HUGE part of the programme. This step is all about diet to aid your fitness routines. Oakley will be talking through how she likes to delivery this advise, to ensure we don’t just give you a diet change that just lasts for the 6 weeks but a diet change that really sticks with you.

STEP 11 - COMMUNITY – not only is this about you and us but we also wanted to give you the option to come together to share moments of your programme amongst very like minded people. So on facebook we will have a private page run by us to support all those involved.


And finally a really crucial part, our commitment and devotion to you – as a individual (with very different needs to perhaps the next person) know we are here for you – you don’t sign up get given a tonne of information and we vanish. We not only stick with you from day one and throughout the entire 6 weeks but until you are ready to go at it all alone. You will get our personal emails and contact information and we will be on tap for your help and guidance on your journey.

WHATS MAKES THIS PROGRAMME DIFFERENT? We are real people that care, that want to be part of your change and development. It will be amazing to watch you grow and enhance yourself throughout the 6 weeks but what will be more magical is even if after the 6 weeks is over, you take even just a couple of steps and continue with them – steps that you loved and they fit into your life and routines – it would give Oakley and myself so much pleasure and pride to have been apart of that developmental journey. DELIVERY The programme is designed to start whenever you are ready, it doesnt have to be directly 6 weeks before your big day - infact the sooner you start it the better. It is all done remotely from the comfort of your own home, so this is also perfect if you aren’t one to frequent gyms. Once you have signed up for your 6 week programme, we then send you a questionnaire. Get it back to us it then takes us no more than a couple of days to tailor the programme to you and you are off. You are then given a unique password for a dedicated private area of our website For more information on any of the above email

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