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AT FIRST SIGHT ... a Summer Spa Package

Hola! It's Summer! At last, and just like that our 3rd spa package of the year is now LIVE. This year we have been celebrating the senses and with 5 spa packages to launch throughout the year where we will focus on each sense in turn.

We have already experienced SCENT and TOUCH. With treatments designed to enhance those senses, reawakening the mind, body and soul.

Our Summer package has an emphasis on the sense of SIGHT and throughout your visit with us you will experience moments during your treatments that encourage you to 'look'. Some details will be very discreet, almost subconsciously these will be absorbed. Whilst other elements will be more obvious. Will you spot them all?

So without further a do... here is your Summer spa package - AT FIRST SIGHT...

(as with all of our packages that are launched throughout the year they are incredibly popular so initially you aren't able to book them via our online booking system. To book please contact us via email |, call us 01524220270 or message us on socials and we will look forward to getting you booked in)

Don't forget to extend your stay and upgrade your visit with our upgrade options...


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