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Let's Make Together - Beauty Products you can make at home | easy coco body scrub

Ok, so we are all stuck inside (apart from our essential trips to the supermarket and our daily allowance of exercise) so now is the perfect time to try some activities that perhaps a few weeks ago you wouldn't have had time to do.

This scrub is a super simple recipe, using ingredients you will most likely have in your cupboards, you could fill up an old tub and you are good to go. What's more we are probably very much in need of some 'me time', we are now working from home, home schooling kids, on top of all the other cleaning and cooking roles we used to do.

So make the scrub (get the kids making too) then this evening, run a nice hot bath and indulge in some time to yourself!

We have lots more recipes to come, so if a scrub isn't for you make sure you SUBSCRIBE (at the bottom of the page) to hear when we pop our next recipe on here.


  • 1 cup white or brown sugar (or coconut sugar)

  • ½ cup coconut oil, room temperature (no need to melt)

  • 2 tablespoons cocoa powder

  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract or an essential oil of your choice if you have them


  1. In a medium bowl combine the sugar and oil and mix with a spoon until fully combined.

  2. Add the cocoa powder

  3. Add the scent, this can be vanilla essence (for a sweet smell) or you could change it up and add an essential oil (for a variation you could play with different scents and leave out the cocoa powder for a spa smelling scrub) NB: essential oils are very powerful and should be used sparingly, if you get neat essential oils on your hands or on surfaces we would suggest to wash your hands and the surfaces immediately

  4. Place gently (do not pack it down) in a jar with a tight fitting lid (I like the Kilner jars, but you could refill an old jar that you have laying around).

  5. Use weekly or every few days on your body. You may need to emulsify with water when you use if you want to soften the scrub a little.

For a video on 'how to' make it or see how ours turned out just head to our Facebook and Instagram pages @loftwyresdale @loftfulwood.

We hope you loved our first 'make together' recipe. We have got lots more to come, your house will be full of lovely new products. These products, handmade by you also make for lovely gifts, so perhaps in this uncertain, stressful time, you could make some and (sterilise the container) you could leave on someones doorstep, it might just make their day!


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