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It is with great sadness... following on from the government announcement...

I actually cannot believe I am writing this again. Wow 2020! Following on from the latest government announcement we will be temporarily closing both of the salons from Thursday 5th November to the Wednesday 2nd December.

Firstly THANK YOU - for the support, the love and the patience.

As a small business this news being announced so close to our busiest month of the year is so sad, but in the grand scheme of things when we have already gone through so much a month will seem such a blip in years to come (we hope). I do hope this sacrifice now will enable us all to enjoy Christmas with our families.


We have opened some appointments Monday + Tuesday and created some extra availability on Wednesday. These will be offered as priority to our already booked clients who had treatments booked in for the time we will be closed. But please do contact us if you were hoping for a last minute pamper.

We are working through today and tomorrow all the appointments for November and rescheduling you to early next week or from 2nd December when we will reopen. So please bear with us we promise we will be in touch. Thank you again for the continued support and love you have all shown already. We will be using this time to work on some positive new additions to the salons, our online shop offering + of course continually improving the service we already offer to get us all set ready for our December reopening.


I always try and be creative in business and react to circumstances we are put under. By no means has the world EVER thrown anything like this at us before though. I know we all love our treatments, not necessarily to look better on the outside, but perhaps more importantly the feeling it gives us on the inside. Relieving stress, rebalancing the mind and emotions and generally making us feel calm and peaceful - ready to take on the world once more after a brief escape from reality. Now more than ever is this important - we must all look out for one another, show compassion and do what we can to help. Everyone deals with stress differently and we must never judge or presume.

As with the first lock down I will be working quickly on some LOFT at home boxes to enable us all to have a little wellness delivered straight to our doors. Whether this be for yourself (it's ok to have 'me time') or you notice someone else is in need of some TLC. We will have our usual postal service, local delivery and a collection service available from the Wyresdale Park spa.

Please do look out on our social channels and website for when these boxes are released. We will continue to keep you updated on our reopening. Much love from Jenna + all my Lofties x


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